MOTO (motorway065) wrote,

Yesterday I saw a movie!

I saw a movie yesterday! I saw a movie called Inception. It was the first time I saw a movie in theaters since Inglorious Basterds. But this time was much better than that time because there weren't many people there, and they turned off their phones beforehand, and they weren't hooting and hollering at the violence onscreen, and there were no funny parts for them to laugh at and then shout "HA HA THAT WAS SO FUNNY!" and then I imagine grabbing them by their scruffy bro-magnon hair and shoving their face into their popcorn so that they may suffocate and die in their buttery hell

Uhhhhh yeah anyway Inception. This is a movie by the guy who made Batman. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, that guy who was on 3rd Rock from the Sun, that chick from Juno, the guy who was the psychic in Drag Me To Hell, and Ken Watanabe. I liked it very much. The end.
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